The SNOW SLIDER has a wide range of adjustability that includes vertical twist of the cuff; forearm angle (both vertical and horizontal); forearm length; forearm height above the snow; arm width and ski wedge and cant.

It comes with a second pair of short "quick replaceable lower tubes" to turn this into a Junior! With both sets of 'lower tubes' it can accommodate individuals from approximately 6'7" down to 3'. It also includes a pair of Instructor handles.

All adjustments are by either 'skewer' or 'knob'; there are no tools needed to make adjustments. Tether attachments are located at binding and waist locations. Remember when you purchase the SNOW SLIDER you are getting both an Adult and a Junior for one price!!

NOW available as an upgrade

- Adult Suspension lower tubes

Maximum Forearm Height
  • Adult = 46"
  • Child = 34"
Minimum Forearm Height
  • Adult = 34"
  • Child = 22"
Forearm Width Adjustment
  • 20" to 9"
Forearm angle (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Unlimited
Forearm Cuff
  • Adjustable and foam padded
Adjustable Ski Wedge
  • 0 - 15 degrees inward
Ski 'cant' adjustment
  • Infinitely adjustable
Weight with skis
  • 14 lbs.
Ski Attachment
  • Step In Type for Use with Standard Bindings
Surface Finish
  • Powder coated, anodized and plated
  • Does not include bindings or skis
Can also be used for Cross Country Just purchase block feet to mount on cross country skis

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